Catalyst Intelligence adds consultants in Europe and USA

Catalyst Intelligence adds consultants in Europe and USA


At the request of numerous customers Catalyst Intelligence has decided to include Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) to its expertise areas. After a successful start in 2016, the company has added independent experts in FCC application and FCC catalyst manufacturing in August 2017 both in Europe and the USA. FCC units are important units in the refinery scheme in terms of up-grading low value feedstocks into higher value products. As in many other catalytic processes selectivity towards desired products is key to obtaining a good profitability. Catalyst selection is not straight-forward and testing in the small-scale units in the laboratory is difficult. Feedstocks differ across the world and a catalyst that works well in one geographical area may not be the optimal choice in another area. Also the desired products can vary depending on the location of the unit. Independent experts with over 30 years of experience in the FCC area can shine a light on your optimization question and help you progress towards a detailed understanding of your unit and its potential optimal performance more quickly. Next to application knowledge for oil refineries we are also available for FCC catalyst manufacturing projects to help producers increase rates and quality and reduce costs. Next to hydroprocessing catalysts the FCC market is a very important segment of the refinery catalyst market. We expect to continue to add experts as needed in response to client questions.


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