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Catalyst Intelligence is an independent catalyst consultancy company based in Luxembourg. The founder, Dr Carl van der Grift, has over 25 years of relevant work experience in industrial catalyst R&D, sales and technical service to refineries and global catalyst business management. The company’s mission is to provide comprehensive, independent information on industrial catalysts, enabling actors in the field of refining and petrochemical catalysts to make better decisions, resulting in better unit performance, less waste and higher margins. By combining insight from R&D, sales and technical services and manufacturing with a thorough understanding of the refinery needs, objective criteria can be developed for decision-making with respect to (i) catalyst/service selection, (ii) sampling and analysis, (iii) performance testing and (iv) new product development. Specifically, Catalyst Intelligence assists catalyst users in selection, use and testing and catalyst producers and service providers in R&D efficiency, new product development and manufacturing.


Catalyst Intelligence delivers a variety of professional services for the Catalyst Industry.

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