-van der Grift Catalyst Specialist


-van der Grift Catalyst Specialist

Catalysts are used in many refinery processes to enhance conversion towards desired products with lowest possible operating cost.Selection of the best catalyst  reactor for your process is thus important to maximize the value creation potential of your assets. To bring about this value creation, the catalysts need to exhibit different functionalities simultaneously.

Optimal Catalyst Reactor Performance
First of all the catalysts need to poses a high activity and selectivity towards the desired products. Next the catalysts need to show a good stability and maintain its intrinsic activity and selectivity over a prolonged period of time. Finally, the catalysts need to poses good physical properties to allow handling in the refinery with minimal losses.Sometimes combinations of catalysts are needed to achieve the refinery goals.

Here we describe criteria that can be used to select the best refinery catalyst for your process.Catalyst price can be a secondary factor in the selection. Other factors such as anticipated feedstocks, available reactor vessels and operating conditions, and market demand for products are much more important factors in optimizing the catalyst selection. These factors should be translated into quantitative catalyst performance requirements; activity, selectivity and stability, and then suitable catalysts need to be tested against these objective selection criteria.

In the end we are concerned with margin per day and how to create best capabilities for margin enhancement through intelligent catalyst selection.

-van der Grift Catalyst Specialist

Many refineries are postponing the selection of a new catalyst for the next change-out to the “last minute”. This behaviour often gives rise to a non-optimal choice, lower unit performance and above average catalyst pricing. We asked ourselves; (i) why is it that some refiners start late on the catalyst selection process, (ii) what are the consequences of this choice, and (iii) is there a better way?

-van der Grift Catalyst Specialist


-van der Grift Catalyst Specialist
HydroTreater Reactor Internals (under)performance


-van der Grift Catalyst Specialist
HydroDeSulphuriser (under)performance investigation


-van der Grift Catalyst Specialist
Improve refinery margins by HydroTreater debottlenecking

Current operation environment 

-van der Grift Catalyst Specialist
Push HydroTreater performance with training

Training versus cost reduction



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