Catalyst Intelligence

Catalyst Intelligence was founded in January 2016 to provide refiners, petrochemical companies, catalyst manufacturers, catalyst service companies, catalyst start-ups, R&D organisations and government organisations with independent comprehensive catalyst advice to enable informed decisions resulting in improved profitability.

Considering all aspects of catalyst selection, catalyst loading and start-up enables optimization of the catalytic unit performance, minimizing energy consumption and reducing waste generation.

During the cycle it is important to monitor the catalyst reactor performance and to assess whether the catalyst / unit will meet the desired cycle length and what more can be done to fully exploit its potential.

If reactor unit performance is below expectation, Catalyst Intelligence can assist in finding the root cause, developing the remedial action plan and, if necessary, dispute resolution with the catalyst supplier or service provider.

Catalyst Intelligence also conducts confidential single-client studies of projects related to R&D efficiency, new technology, manufacturing, sourcing raw materials and catalyst market research.


When dealing with a multi-facetted project such as catalyst selection, performance testing, R&D efficiency and manufacturing improvement, it is important to be able to develop a comprehensive overview of all factors affecting the final outcome.Catalyst Intelligence will ensure that all relevant aspects of the project are considered, to provide optimal conditions for a successful decision and a profitable and sustainable outcome.


Most catalyst information resides with catalyst manufacturers or catalyst service providers and they will make some of that information available in support of their sales projects. Due to its independence, Catalyst Intelligence can help separate facts from fiction, ask the pertinent questions and allow an informed decision based on objective criteria. Catalyst Intelligence can also assist in setting up a sampling and analysis plan, an equipment inspection or a performance test run, to ensure that deliveries are in line with supplier offers.


Any information shared between clients and Catalyst Intelligence is confidential unless agreed otherwise in writing. At the start of a project the client and Catalyst Intelligence will sign a service agreement specifying the scope of the project and the data protection and non-disclosure agreement. It is understood that Catalyst Intelligence will not disclose to third parties the names of its clients or the scope of the projects in which it is involved.

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Your Catalyst Advisor

Prior to founding Catalyst Intelligence, Dr van der Grift was Managing Director at Catalyst Recovery Europe S.A., General Manager at Catalyst Recovery Singapore Pte Ltd., and later Division Vice President (HPC) hydroprocessing catalysts at Albemarle Europe Sprl.


  • PhD Chemistry, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (1990)
  • MSc Chemistry, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (1986)

Catalyst Consultancy Firm

It is the mission of the company to provide comprehensive and independent information on industrial catalyst reactors, so that actors in the field of refining and petrochemical fixed bed catalysts can make better decisions resulting in better unit performance, less waste and higher margins. By combining insights from R&D, sales and technical service, manufacturing and a thorough understanding of the refinery needs objective criteria can be developed for decision making with respect to (i) catalyst product and service selection, (ii) sampling and analysis, (iii) performance testing, and (iv) new product development. Specifically Catalyst Intelligence works with catalyst users on selection and testing, and with catalyst producers and service providers on R&D efficiency, new product development, and manufacturing.