Dr. Carl J.G. van der Grift

Founder / Principal


After obtaining his PhD in chemistry from the University of Utrecht (1990), Dr van der Grift joined SHELL Research in Amsterdam as catalyst scientist. In 1996 he joined Catalyst Recovery Europe S.A. in Luxembourg as Sales and Technical Service Manager.  In 1999, he became the General Manager at this SHELL-owned catalyst services company. In 2004, the company was divested to Porocel, a privately-owned American company, and van der Grift continued to work at Porocel as Managing Director Catalyst Recovery Europe S.A., and General Manager at Catalyst Recovery Singapore Pte Ltd. During his time at CRI and Porocel van der Grift was in contact with most of the refineries in Europe and in Asia-Pacific as well as all global catalyst producers.  These contacts focused on catalyst regeneration and re-use, rejuvenation, pre-reclaim regeneration, fresh catalyst manufacturing and ex-situ pre-sulphurization.  In 2010, van der Grift joined Albemarle, a US-based global chemicals and catalysts producer, where he served as Global Business Director HPC (Hydro-processing catalysts) and later Division Vice President HPC. During his time at Albemarle, van der Grift was also serving on the board of directors at Eurecat (a global catalyst services company) and NipponKetjen (a Japan-based fresh catalyst producer). In 2016, van der Grift founded Catalyst Intelligence to focus on improvement opportunities in the industry. Together with a group of highly motivated, like-minded specialists he provides consulting services to catalyst users, catalyst producers and financial investors.  In 2020, van der Grift co-founded Galores B.V. a Netherlands based technology company focused on monetization of associated petroleum gas and reduction of gas flaring.





Dutch, English, German